Welcome to the View Point Health website.  We strive to provide the best service to everyone with a Total Care Perspective.  We are one of 27 agencies created by the state of Georgia to provide a safety net of care for behavioral health and developmental disabilities.  View Point Health provides individual and group counseling, medication management, recovery and crisis stabilization service.

To learn more about View Point Health, listen to the interview given by View Point Health CEO, Jennifer Hibbard, on Business Radio X/Member Spotlight/Gwinnett Chamber.


Suicide is always a horrific event and significantly alters the future of friends and family left behind; yet when known personalities like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain die by suicide, our awareness becomes heightened and the national conversation accelerates. A conversation that typically focuses on the why. Why would someone so successful take their own life? Why would someone adored by so many end it all? We may never know what truly causes suicide, but we do know suicide doesn’t care if your poor, wealthy, famous or unknown. Suicide affects all and so needs to be aware by all. The following link provides tremendous resources centered around suicide prevention and support. Also, please feel free to email gls@vphealth.org for prevention training and awareness information.

Suicide Prevention & Support Resources

View Point Health named winner at
Gwinnett Chamber IMPACT Regional Business Awards


Gwinnett County (METRO ATLANTA) GA – May 17, 2018 – View Point Health was recently recognized by the Gwinnett Chamber as the leading organization in the Healthcare sector at the IMPACT Regional Business Awards. http://www.impactbusinessawards.com/


Trauma Screening Questionnaire (TSQ)

This questionnaire is concerned with your personal reactions to the traumatic event which happened to you.  Please click here to access the questionnaire.
Please contact View Point Health Access Team at 678-209-2411 to schedule a session with your clinician or if you would like additional information about trauma.

View Point Health, a Total Care Perspective

View Point Health Governing Board

View Point Health was formed in 1975 and is governed by a 15-member board of directors. The members are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners from Gwinnett, Rockdale and Newton Counties. As a group, the members reflect the social and demographic characteristics of the three counties and represent the interests of those we serve. 

Clients Rights

If you feel your client rights have been violated or neglected, and you have talked to the Center Director, call VPH Client Assistance Program
678-209-2381 or 678-209-2382 or click here to send automated client feedback.


A Message from our CEO

News & Press


Gwinnett County Public Schools - Moments in History Videos

August 18, 2017
GCPS Moments in History Videos featuring VPH Board Member, Mrs. Louise Radloff!


Radio X Monthly Talk Show

March 17, 2017
Jamie Story (VPH Re-Entry Gwinnett County) spoke on Radio X's Monthly talk show


Children's Mental Health Day Panel Discussion

May 7, 2015
Children's Mental Health Day panel discussion about the intersection of Children's Mental Health & Education

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