View Point Health, a Total Care Perspective

Developmental Disabilities Services


View Point Health proudly serves individuals with Developmental Disabilities to achieve their highest level of skill development, independence and health, while enhancing their self-esteem and dignity.

Residential Services:  We provide support to developmentally disabled adults to live in their community.  The program goal is to foster self-sufficiency by providing the training needed to enhance their success in the community.

Community Integration Services:  The purpose of Community Integration is to focus on the individual hopes, dreams and visions of a "life well-lived".  We offer access to computer skills, health and safety, communication skills training, and much more.  The program also offers opportunities to volunteer within their local community.

Family Support:  Services are aimed to enhance a family's ability to meet the many need's of the family member with a disability. 

For Information:  Call 678-209-2555 or email







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