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Dear View Point Health,

For the past four years, I've had the privilege of chairing the Newton Mental Health Association. On Thursday, September 20th, I attended the NewRock annual appreciation lunch. This is a wonderful event where staff host, prepare and serve lunch to NewRock clients in appreciation for their belief and support of the programs. Additionally, NewRock staff present creative awards to the clients, which bring joy and a personal sense of accomplishment.

Although this event is always exceptional, I'm writing because this year one of the clients rapped a poem he wrote about his personal experiences. It was a meaningful time of expression for this young man and the other 100 or so in attendance. He has granted permission for me to share this poem with you, other clients and your partners.

Thank you,

Newton Mental Health Association

I Bleed to Succeed

by Young Sage

I was the prince of being stupid and naive.
I used to think that there was no hope and belief
In anything at all.
I was hopeless.
All I wanted to do was give up and fall into anything destructive.
Chaos was my home.
It was like the devil himself found "h" into my heart.
All I did was fight with a rage.
I was young, and had a temper like a twelve gauge.
It took me coming back to my salvation,
Which is better than living a Holocaust inside myself
Because I was lost.

But that was then and this is now,
And I'm proud to say that I'm found again,
Where I'm here to stay and definitely here to win.
I'm here also to try my best;
Not to let the temptation of sin corrupt me.
Its all a part of what many call despair,
And believe me I've had my fair share.
I always knew it was destiny
Because what doesn't kill me can only make me stronger.
I don't need anyone but God to last longer.
You'll see that my haters have become my motivators,
As well as my congratulators.
Because I have a heart that bleeds to succeed,
And I need success.
That is me at my very best.
I must control the rage within myself.
Its a constant daily devotion.
Its a notion and its a part of my heart.
I don't want the darkness to flood it,
Like Noah's Arc.
I am my own worst enemy behind my own mind
Because I have to use my mind to walk a line within me.
I will control that emotion
And channel the inner buffoon.

Although I have a heart that bleeds,
My goal is stuck on the word succeed.
I must proceed;
To strive for the goal.
I must let my soul be in control,
But you best believe that my inner fortitude
Won't give in until we succeed.
Success is my inner mode,
And my heart is the code.
In order for me to be my best,
I need to succeed, which is why I bleed.



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