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2012 Recovery Rally – Gwinnett County

September 26, 2012, was a beautiful day to celebrate Recovery Month at the View Point Health Lawrenceville Center. The morning started with a welcome address by David Crews, Chief Executive Officer, reading of the National Recovery Month Proclamation, and introduction of speakers by Jennifer Hibbard, Chief Operating Officer. Our first speaker Calvin K. completed Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists (CARES) Academy 4 at the Georgia School of Addiction Studies in Savannah in early September 2011, becoming the first CARES for View Point Health. Calvin K. shared his remarkable story of recovery.  After completing both treatment and parole, he stayed connected with both to share his “experience, strength, and hope” with others.  Calvin said, “I want addicts struggling with recovery to look at me and be hopeful, because if I can get it after 30 years of abusing drugs, you can get it too!”  Calvin is a leader who is striving to demonstrate and promote Recovery, and the idea that people can change. 

In addition, Chris B. a recent graduate from Gwinnett DUI Court, Michael V. another graduate of Gwinnett DUI Court, and other clients shared their stories of Recovery. Many thanks to the VPH Community Rehabilitation Day Program clients and other VPH clients that came out to celebrate Recovery. Everyone enjoyed a breakfast snack and received T-shirts promoting Recovery. In addition, View Point Health cups and markers were distributed to commemorate Recovery Day.

Many thanks to Gina Hutto for planning the Recovery Program, and to all the staff and volunteers that helped make the 2012 Recovery Rally a success!


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