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Supported Employment Services


Program Goals

• To provide assistance in obtaining employment within the current job market, along with competitive wages

• Offer continuous support and services throughout the duration of employment
Supported Employment Offers

• Evaluations of work related strengths and abilities

• Provides assistance with individual training to help build skills and create everything necessary to find and keep a job

• Onsite skills training and community supports to develop work habits and build confidence

• Support and Service Coordination to help maintain employment

• Benefit Planning

Program Benefits

• Help people with behavioral and health care needs, who want to work, obtain skills needed to obtain and maintain employment. Our support and training also assures the employer they are receiving well trained staff with continued support needed to perform all job tasks required.
Referrals are being accepted interagency only.

Staff - Please complete our referral form located on the intranet under forms and policies; complete referral form leaving no entry blank to avoid delay in processing

Supported Employment Offices
595-B Old Norcross Rd                               101Kirkland Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30045                            Covington, GA 30016
678.209.2411 mainline                               678.209.2575
678.209.2519 direct

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