View Point Health, a Total Care Perspective

Outpatient Services


View Point Health provides Adult Outpatient Services and promotes overall health and quality of life through treatment services that reduce the impact of mental illness and substance abuse for individuals and families.

         Outpatient Program

  • Enhances your psychological and social functioning
  • Teaches coping abilities and lessens the impact of psychiatric disabilities
  • Assists with vocation/educational opportunities
  • Guides and supports to prevent relapse

        Program Services

  • Assessment -  is conducted by a qualified and licensed clinician.  All information is gathered that impacts the client and their family.  The client's goals are identified and an individualized treatment plan is developed.  Both behavioral health and substance abuse needs are diagnosed.
  • Goal Attainment - is achieved through medication management, and individual, group and family counseling and education.  Evidenced based practiced are used to help clients manage their lives.  Clients learn and practice symptom management skills, emotion regulation, problem solving strategies, relationship skills, and anger management.  Each client sets their own goals to work on with their treatment team - psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor and case manager.

Intake Paperwork

  • Please click here for Intake Paperwork.  Fill out the paperwork and bring in to one of the clinics to help reduce your wait time.  11/28/16

Center Locations:
Lawrenceville: 678-209-2411
Norcross:  678-209-2745
Newton:  678-209-2600
Rockdale:  678-209-2655



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